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Screw Top Collection Cup

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Product ID : STCC

Price: $0.50/Cup
Minimum Order: 100 Cups
  • Screw Top
  • 90 ML
  • Ready for Transport
  • Temperature Strip
  • I.D. Label
  • Sterile

Beaker Collection Cup

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Product ID : BCC

Price: $0.20/Cup
Minimum Order: 200 Cups
  • Beaker Style
  • 90 ML
  • No I.D. Label
  • No Temperature Strip
  • No Top
  • Ideal for Dip & Read Pipette Tests

Bluing Tablets

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Product ID : BT

Price: $48.00/Jar
100 Tablets/Jar
  • One Tablet Leaves Consistent Blue Color in Toilet
  • Very Cost Effective for Drug Testing Collection Sites
  • Biodegradable

Tamper Evident Tape

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Product ID : TET

Price: $33.00/Roll
108 Foot Roll
When Collecting Urine Specimens, it can be used to seal off Areas of possible contamination (cabinets, water valves, toilet lids, etc.)

Alco Hawk Breathalyzer

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Product ID : AHB

Price: $120.00/Each
Additional Mouthpieces available in bags of 50: $35.00/bag
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable
  • Air Flow Monitor
  • 4 Diget LED Display
  • Multi-User Mouthpiece Design
  • Quick Results
  • Approved as a Pre-Screen Device by DOT (if Collector is SST Certified)

Drug Detection Assessment Kit

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Product ID : DDAK

Price: $325.00
Cocaine / Amphetamines / Methamphetamines / Opiates / Marijuana
  1. Wipe Surface
  2. Spray
  3. Look for Color Change to Determine if Residue is Present

Safe for Individuals
Safe for the environment

  • 1 can D4F Spray
  • 1 can COCA Spray
  • 50 D4D Wipes
  • 50 COCA Wipes



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